With precision, efficiency and clarity,
we plan the durability of your business.


I take action as an assessor through my partner « OFA solutions » (mandated by the IFS as a service provider for assessment ) to assess or evaluate your pre Company to the Global Market IFS Food standard.

I intervene as an approved auditor by Marks and Spencer, to perform second part audits within your company or of your suppliers on the “Field to Fork” Standard.

I rise to your account on your considered countentious dried fruit lots, processed fruits. I perform samples and quality checks according to your demands, with complete impartiality and independence.


I realize according to your needs :

– Quality Diagnostic of your Company / according to a repository.
– Quality Audits of your Quality Management System (standards-based IFS / BRC / ISO22000)
– Audits of Hygiene and Food Safety (standards-based IFS / BRC / ISO22000)
– Internal audit within your company (s) (multi-site audits pool if needed)
– Audits Suppliers (national and international)
– Audit “Field to Fork” Standard ( Marks and Spencer )
– HACCP audit


I accompany and assist you for short, medium or long term in building or adapting your Management System Quality or on specific topics and standards.
A targeted support to your expectations, within your production and quality teams,

– Risk analysis: implementation or revision of HACCP based on the Codex Alimentarius and work on the Prerequisites
– IFS Food Defence standards, IFS Global Food Market, BRC, ISO 22000,
– Cleaning plan, hygiene, Good hygiene practices and manufacturing
– Good Agricultural Practices (Global Gap, “Field to Fork”)


With an experience of 20 years in dried fruit and processed fruit combined with my experience as auditor, I suggest you purchase offers through my selected supplier network I audited or that I know through the world :

– Dried fruit, dried nuts: raisins, dried apricots, dried figs, prunes, dates, apples, pears, peaches, berries, tropical fruits, almonds, walnuts, pistachios, seeds, Conventional and Organic.
– fruit diced, fruit pastes,
– fruit purees,
– IQF fruits

I work closely with your purchase and or quality departments, perfectly integrating your needs linked to your farming requirements, quality, technical, logistics and tariff.


My auditor certified skills & experienced broker also positioned me upstream and downstream of the production chain.
For this overview, I bring a real adjusted added value to your business.

I put a point of honor to present my international network. The opening is a watchword at Qualifiance to achieve quantifiable optimum in your endeavors.